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    Description of Assessment Series Courses

    Field Techniques for Stream Assessment

    Presents a suite of inventory techniques and assessment methodologies used to evaluate and monitor physical, chemical, and biological stream conditions.  Introduces the purpose and function of individual methodologies, field equipment, and data collection protocols.  Format: classroom and field exercise.  Can be customized as a five-day training in a particular technique or methodology.  Designed for:  managers and personnel whose duties require field work or resource monitoring.  Length:  3 days

    Rosgen Stream Classification System

    Provides a detailed introduction to the purpose, function and components of Dave Rosgen's channel classification system.  Covers delineation criteria, and the four inventory and assessment levels of the system.  Format: classroom exercise in preparation for field activities.  Participants receive and use a copy of Rosgen's book Applied River MorphologyLength:  3 days

    Diagnosis and Prescription

    Evaluation and assessment are important in all stages of stream protection, restoration, planning and design.  This course offers brief overview of fluvial processes, hydrology and hydraulics, followed by: watershed and stream assessment techniques; identifying problems, needs and restoration opportunities; prioritizing restoration efforts; developing restoration strategies.  Emphasis on cost-effective, practicable approaches.  Format: classroom and field format.  Intended for: those involved with design and implementation programs or projects.  Length:  3 days


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