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    Our Courses in Stream Management

    Recent trends in stream management stress holistic, ecosystem and watershed oriented approaches as long-term, cost-effective strategies and solutions for protecting and improving our water resources.  In response, Ecosystem Recovery Institute (ERI) has developed a series of seminars, workshops and training programs to provide an understanding and knowledge of the skills and techniques necessary for successful, effective stream work.

    Our workshops and seminars are designed to provide professional disciplines and nonprofessional stakeholders with an understanding of stream processes, values, protection and restoration.  Our courses emphasize the fundamental aspects of stream mechanics, natural channel geometry, stability concepts, and ecosystem approaches.  The programs are offered in a variety of formats - including lecture, classroom and field settings - which can be customized to meet specific audiences and educational needs.

    Below is list of courses we offer.  Descriptions for the courses can be found by following the link for each series to its own page.  Although the courses have pre-defined objectives and content, they can be customized to suit the needs of the audience.

    Introductory Series

    Introduction to Stream Processes, Assessment and Restoration

    Stream Stewardship

    Assessment Series

    Field Techniques for Stream Assessment

    Rosgen Stream Classification System

    Diagnosis and Prescription

    Implementation Series

    The RFP - Writing a Scope of Work for Stream Projects

    Project Design and Permitting

    Construction Management and Installation

    Maintenance & Monitoring for Stream Projects

    Other Courses

    Natural History Writing & Teaching Techniques

    Environmental Regulations in Common Terms for Educators

    Community-Based Watershed Management & Restoration


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