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    What Nature can't do . . . alone.

    Ecosystem recovery is Nature's ongoing job.  Given time and the right conditions, Nature can compensate for human carelessness, restore its own equilibrium, and generate the vital levels of biodiversity that catalyze earth's dynamics.

    ERI's team of biologists, educators and land planners are focused on helping Nature do what it can't easily do . . . alone.

    bulletUntangle the web of government-mandated environmental regulations and make them comprehensible for concerned citizens.
    bulletWork for individual landowner's compliance with land management practices that go beyond the requirements of government regulations.
    bulletCreate partnerships between the diverse government and private constituents in a region to manage land as Nature does - watershed by watershed.
    bulletRetrofit man's environmental follies in dams, stormwater management projects, and channelization.
    bulletRestore lands damaged by undisciplined development.
    bulletCreate residential and urban development models that include holistic land management as the basis for design.
    bulletEmpower the citizens of every community to steward their own land resources.
    bulletPrepare our youth through practical field work to take on the challenge of facilitating Nature's ecosystem recovery in an era of increasing population and its attendant development.

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