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    Ecosystem Recovery Institute

    catalyzes watershed recovery through three programs:

    EDUCATION is the foundation for intelligent action.

    The Institute sponsors dynamic, interactive workshops for professionals and laymen in the techniques of wetland management, stream restoration, reforestation, stormwater management, habitat development and the stewardship of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.  Beyond the technical approach, the Institute holds information and training seminars for citizen groups, landowners and educators eager to empower their communities in self-determined land management.  A Parent-Student Experience program of the Institute enables young people and their families to utilize classroom learning through implementation of conservation and restoration projects.

    RESTORATION is applied environmental education.

    Every backyard, roadside, agricultural field, wood lot and abandoned lot is a critical part of a watershed's health.  The Institute promotes site-specific restoration activities using that watershed approach.  Environmental professionals in the Institute work through the planning, design, implementation and monitoring of innovative and cost effective solutions from the backyard to the total watershed scale.

    CONSERVATION is wisdom derived from applied environmental education.

    Government regulations on the use and management of natural resources provide a framework for conservation.  The Institute's responsibility is to translate these regulations into workable guidelines for professionals, environmental groups and landowners.  Correct interpretation of regulations, and the design of equitable solutions to the man-nature dynamic, is the underlying strength of Ecosystem Recovery Institute in today's labrynth of regulations.

    The Watershed ecosystem is a simple concept.  In water's downward journey in the landscape, it hydrates the plants and animals, affects the soil composition, absorbs and releases nutrients and pollutants, and cycles itself back through the atmosphere.  Man has tinkered in every aspect of the watershed with his dams, channels, industry, development and recreation.  Although the components of a watershed may change dramatically at the hands of man, the system itself remains resilient, because water drives the energetics of the system.

    Protecting and restoring ecosystems in a watershed is far more complicated than simply understanding the dynamic of geography and hydrology.  There are individual rights of landowners, political agendas in government, economic considerations and webs of bureaucratic regulations which must be addressed side by side with land ethics, ecological data, and sound resource management.

    Ecosystem Recovery Institute is a catalyst for innovative restoration on a watershed basis.

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    Contact Information

    Telephone:   410-299-6898

    Postal address:
    21221 Mikules Manor Lane
    Freeland, Maryland 21053

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