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    Description of Introductory Series Courses

    Introduction to Stream Processes, Assessment and Restoration

    Introduces the concepts of stream process, restoration, design and construction in an ecosystem context.  Designed for:  resource managers and personnel responsible for managing streams and maintaining or restoring stable systems as part of integrated ecosystem management.  Format:  lecture and field format.  Length: 3 days

    Stream Stewardship

    Overview of current trends and practices in stream management and restoration.  Introduces stream function and watershed relationships; strategies to maintain and restore stream quality.  Topics include:  assessing the need for restoration; prioritizing restoration efforts; technical and regulatory issues; implementation frameworks; building teams and partnerships; cost-effective strategies and solutions.  Format: case studies and project examples.  Emphasis on audience participation and round-table discussion.  Designed for: industry and government leaders, program managers, civic and educational organizations.  Length: 1 day


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