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    Description of Implementation Series Courses

    Background in stream mechanics and assessment, or completion of prior workshops recommended before taking Implementation Series courses.

    The RFP - Writing a Scope of Work for Stream Projects

    Focuses on development of a clear, concise and achievable scope of work for stream modification or restoration projects.  Topics include: developing a project description and scope of services; identifying program issues (budgets, schedules, regulations, public involvement); advertisement and response evaluation; consultant-contractor qualifications and selection.  Designed for: local, regional and state government.  Length: 1 day

    Project Design and Permitting

    Comprehensive coverage of designing and obtaining permits for stream management or restoration projects.  Topics include: preliminary project analyses; goals and objectives; mapping needs; concept and alternative design; profile, cross-section, and plan view layouts; grading issues, planting plans, cut-and-fill estimates; specifications and construction details; permit application preparation.  Format: lecture with classroom exercises.  Designed for: resource managers and consultants.  Length:  5 days

    Construction Management and Installation

    A guide to construction activities for stream and flood plain projects.  Covers all aspects of site preparation, including: securing easements and permits, contractor/team coordination; restoration details and specs; construction sequencing; recording daily activities; quality control; post-project inspection and monitoring.  Format:  when possible, includes a day in the field on project installation.  Designed for: contract officers, project managers and construction personnel.  Length: 3 days

    Maintenance & Monitoring for Stream Projects

    Classroom and field course focusing on evaluation criteria and standard methods for developing sound monitoring programs (pre- and post-project).  Reviews typical maintenance for restoration and construction techniques; monitoring data needs, schedules and sythesis; performance assessment and reporting.  Designed for: resource managers.  Length: 2 - 3 days.


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