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    ERI Education Experience

    Education programs coordinated and conducted by Ecosystem Recovery Institute.

    bulletNative Writers & Teaching Techniques Workshop; Coolfont Resort, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, June 1994
    bulletEPA Training Workbook - Stream Processes, Assessment and Restoration; US EPA Headquarters, Non-Point Source Division, 1996


    bulletOverview Workshop (1 day):
        Susquehanna Piedmont Preservation Council, June 1997
        Kreutz Creek Valley Preservation Society, June 1997
        Watershed Alliance of Adams County, June 1999
        Canaan Valley Institute, Charleston, WV, May/June/Aug 1999
    bulletLevel I - Introduction Workshop (3 days):
        Pocono Mountains, October 1996
        Texas Chapter Society for Ecological Restoration, July 1997
        Ascutney, Vermont, October 1997
        Austin, Texas, August 1998
        Brownsville, Texas, March 1998
        Morris Arboretum, Philadelphia, PA., November 1999
    bulletLevel II - Assessment (5 days):
        Portland, Maine, November 1998
    bulletLevel III - Design Concepts (5 days):
        Northampton, Mass., November 1999


    bulletReforestation and Afforestation Regulatory Requirements and Principles and Practice of Design and Installation of Viable Reforestation Projects; Maryland Forest Conservation Act 6 Worshops, 1992
    bulletEnhancing Wetlands for Aesthetics and Wildlife Habitat; New York Botanical Garden and Harvard University, January 1992
    bulletRealities of Wetland Design and Construction; Native Plants in the Landscape, Millersville University, August 1991
    bulletUnderstanding the Indigenous Landscape; Landscape Contractors Association Winter Workshop, February 1991
    bulletWetland Planting Design; University of Maryland Extension Service, Pest Management Conference, December 1990
    bulletHabitat Gardening; Little Garden Club, Lutherville, Maryland, December 1990
    bulletNative Plant Gardening; Mens Garden Club, Baltimore, Maryland, November 1990
    bulletRiparian Restoration; Stream Restoration Conference, Frederick, Maryland, October 1990
    bulletNative Plants - Inspiration for Garden Design; US National Arboretum, February 1990
    bulletReforestation:  Practices and Principles; Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources, Forestry Division, December 1989
    bulletRiparian Reforestation; Washington Metropolitan Council of Governments, April 1989
    bulletBackyard Wildlife Habitat Enhancement:
        Lutherville Garden Club, Lutherville, MD, Fall 1987
        Charlestown Garden Club, Charlestown, WV, Winter 1989
        Oregon Ridge Nature Center, Hunt Valley, MD, Fall 1988
        Mens Garden Club, Clyburn Arboretum, Baltimore, MD,
            October 1990
        Little Garden Club, Baltimore, MD, November 1990
        Guilford Garden Club, Baltimore, MD, November 1990

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